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Aeromedical Neuropsychology Clinic

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a specialized aeromedical neuropsychological evaluation (ANE) for pilots or flight students diagnosed with or suspected of a history of neurological or psychiatric conditions. This evaluation is necessary for diagnosed or suspected pilots to be cleared to fly.

The Aeromedical Neuropsychology Clinic at Vanderbilt provides this evaluation service so pilots may receive their FAA-authorized special issuance. We also provide similar evaluations required for special consideration clearance for Air Traffic Control Specialists.

Our clinic can evaluate patients with possible neurological or psychiatric impairments related to diagnosed or suspected neurological conditions as well as those with diagnosed or suspected psychiatric disorders.

Conditions We Treat

We assess for known or possible neurological or psychiatric conditions that require determination on whether a Special Issuance is appropriate, thereby clearing the FAA to issue an Airman Medical Certificate, including:

Meet Your Care Team

Ciaran M. Considine

Ciaran M. ConsidinePhD

    Brain Tumors, Clinical Neuropsychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Neurosciences

Why Choose the Aeromedical Neuropsychology Clinic at Vanderbilt

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    Exclusive care

    FAA-certified neuropsychologists are uncommon, which can make them difficult to access and cause scheduling delays. Our central location in Tennessee serves as a hub for pilots in the greater Southeast region.

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    Convenient care

    We provide dedicated clinic time for ANE services to help meet FAA timelines. We remain directly in touch with pilots, providing expert consultation throughout the process.

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    Our team includes a provider with specialized training in aviation topics, including the Human Intervention Motivational Study (HIMS) substance abuse treatment program for pilots, and has access to specialized FAA-required examination materials, including CogScreen-AE-2.

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    Coordinated care

    Our clinic sends reports directly to the applicant’s aviation medical examiner (AME), who is responsible for integrating the neuropsychological findings with any other workup, to convey a recommendation to the FAA.


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