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For Referring Providers

Ambra ImageShare: a faster way to send images

Vanderbilt University Medical Center providers across most adult clinical lines now use Image Share to receive patients’ images.

ImageShare is a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based tool that lets referring providers upload diagnostic imaging files quickly and easily. Vanderbilt specialists download images from ImageShare and read them through eStar, our electronic medical records system.

This means referring physicians – or their patients – no longer need to burn images to a CD and mail, ship or carry the CD to Vanderbilt. Our specialists receive images within minutes, sometimes in the course of a real-time patient appointment. 

This provides several advantages for referring providers and their patients:

  • Faster file sharing means faster decision-making about a patient’s treatment.
  • Reduces the need for repetitive imaging tests.
  • Avoids the cost, delay and potential damage to files that can occur when shipping CDs.
  • Image Share works seamlessly with Vanderbilt systems, such as eStar and Sectra, avoiding potential incompatibility with CDs.
  • Patients may also upload images directly to Vanderbilt.

Referring providers do not need special technology or equipment to use ImageShare; all that’s needed is an internet connection. Each Vanderbilt service line program provides its own Image Share link for sending files.

Visit the physician referral directory to find the specialty to which you are referring and follow instructions for sharing medical image files. Referring providers will first need to create an Ambra account once on the site.

For assistance with the Ambra platform, call (888) 315-0780 or email