Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program

The Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program at Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute evaluates driving potential and ability of people who have had injuries  or conditions that could make driving unsafe. Examples include brain or spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, low vision, dementia or learning disabilities. Our program uses adaptive driving equipment to increase safety. 

Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Highly trained staff: Our specialists are certified in driver rehabilitation and occupational therapy. This ensures safety during evaluations and practice.  
  • Personalized care: We recognize that each person is unique. We tailor our program to fit your specific needs so you can get back to living more independently. 
  • Social services support: We understand that the ability to drive is important for you. Our team provides information to the Tennessee Department of Safety needed to meet requirements of a driver’s license. We also work with mobility equipment dealers to ensure your gear is installed properly. 

Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program: Services We Offer

  • Adaptive driving equipment training: You must first have a driver evaluation to determine the type of equipment needed. Several training sessions may be involved in order to ensure your safety while operating a vehicle with equipment. Training sessions happen behind the wheel and are not typically covered by health insurance. Gear includes hand controls for gas and brake pedals, steering devices such as a spinner knob, left foot accelerator, pedal extensions and specialty vehicle mirrors.
  • Bioptic driving training: We work with Vanderbilt Eye Institute to teach people with low vision to drive safely using a bioptic lens system. First, you learn to use the system while walking. Next, you start driver training as a passenger, then progress to driver.
  • Driver evaluations: Evaluations determine whether you are safe to drive. Outcomes may include recommendations for driver training, driving restrictions or adaptive equipment, or for you to refrain from driving. 

Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program Locations

Vanderbilt Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Center
Medical Center East – South Tower, 9th Floor
1215 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232
Phone: (615) 936-5040
Map and Directions

To Enroll Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program 

The Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program requires a referral from your doctor. You must also have not experienced a loss of consciousness or seizure within the past six months.

Referrals can be faxed to the Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute at (615) 936-5063. A representative will follow up with you for an evaluation appointment.

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