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Telehealth: Prepare for your appointment

Telehealth is the use of live videoconferencing to let you interact with your provider. Instead of driving to your visit, you can see and talk with your provider in the convenience of your own home using a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam connected to the internet. There is no extra fee for this service. Co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles, if any, will be the same as an in-person visit. 

How do I get ready for my telehealth visit?

First, setup a My Health at Vanderbilt account. 

Second, download the "My Health at Vanderbilt" app from your App Store if you will be using a smartphone or tablet for your telehealth visit. 

Apple StoreGoogle Play 

Third, download and test Zoom.  

Note: You do not need to setup a Zoom account to test or use with your telemedicine visit. If you need additional instructions or having trouble testing, scroll down for additional details below. 

Fourth, login to My Health at Vanderbilt on your phone or computer to find appointment details. More information.

Want to print these instructions?

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How do I test Zoom?

If you are using a computer: 

  • Go to
  • Click Join under Join Meeting Test
    • If you do not already have Zoom on your phone or computer, click Download and run Zoom
    • If your computer asks you to save the program, save it where you can easily find it (for example, in your Downloads folder or on your Desktop).

If you are using Zoom on your phone:

  • You do not need to setup an account to download the app, but you will need to know your app store login. 

After you have installed Zoom, test it by going back to

  • If prompted, click to give Zoom access to the camera and microphone on your device and to let Zoom call you using interenet audio.