Locations and Parking

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Oncology Surgery

Parking - South Garage: 1504 24th Ave. S.
Building / Facility - Preston Research Building: 2220 Pierce Ave.

Note: The South garage is located at the corner of Children's Way and 24th Avenue.

If you're going to the Preston Research Building (PRB) or The Vanderbilt Clinic (TVC) follow the signs to the exit on the Children's Hospital end of the garage. Then cross Pierce Ave. to get to PRB/TVC.

Find Oncology Surgery , Room 1903

  1. Go past the round information desk and through the doorway to the right labeled "The Vanderbilt Clinic: Henry Joyce Cancer Clinic" and go down the hallway
  2. At the end of the hallway turn right
  3. You will pass the Pharmacy on your left
  4. Bear to your right and walk past the elevators
  5. Once you walk pass the elevators you'll see an information desk to the right
  6. Go around the information desk you will see a set of double-doors
  7. Go through these doors

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