Locations and Parking

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Cardiac MRI

Parking - Central Garage (TVC Garage): 2120 Dixie Pl.
Building / Facility - The Vanderbilt Clinic: 1301 Medical Center Dr.
Path from parking to building -

Enter this garage from 21st Ave. Turn off of 21st onto Dixie Pl. The Central Garage garage entrance will be on the left.

Note: Dixie Pl. is a relatively new road and may not yet be visible on the map. The blue marker on the map above indicates the entry point of Dixie Pl. from 21st Ave.

Find The Vanderbilt Clinic building:

After parking your car, look for the elevator. It will be on the 22nd Avenue/Medical Center Drive side of the garage. Take the elevator to Level 1 if you aren't already on that level. After exiting the elevator, cross 22nd Avenue at the crosswalk under the catwalk. Enter The Vanderbilt Clinic through the doors labeled VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER. Note: Some of the signs used in the following directions may be temporarily removed due to renovations. If you have any trouble please ask the person at the information desk when you enter The Vanderbilt Clinic.

Find Cardiac MRI , Room 1770

  1. Go right at the information desk and then turn left
  2. Go straight and pass the Pharmacy on your right
  3. Continue on to the end of the hallway and turn right
  4. Continue down this hallway
  5. After you bear to the right immediately turn left and you should see the sign for Cardiac MRI on the left

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