Project PAVE

Project PAVE (Providing Access to the Visual Environment) works with local education agencies and the Tennessee School for the Blind to meet the visual needs of patients, ages 3 through 21, who have low vision. Low vision is a reduction of eyesight caused by eye conditions or diseases. It is not correctable with medication, glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

With funding from the Tennessee Department of Education, our team provides low-vision evaluations, optical devices, instruction and technical assistance, all at no cost to Tennessee families. Together, we help young patients gain visual independence and continue their education to the best of their ability.

Project PAVE: Why Choose Vanderbilt

If your child or young adult qualifies for Project PAVE, you can expect:

  • A depth of expertise: For more than 20 years, Project PAVE has provided young patients with low vision access to optical devices and training.
  • Top experts: Our team of specialists are uniquely qualified to evaluate visual impairment and make tailored treatment recommendations.
  • Collaborative care: Our team works closely with your child’s local Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

Tests, Treatments and Services

Our services are meant to be an addition to, not a replacement for, primary eye care. Services include:

  • Low-vision evaluations: Our team measures eyesight using methods designed for children and young adults with low vision.
  • Optical device prescriptions: After completing a low-vision evaluation, our specialists will recommend optical devices such as magnifiers or monocular telescopes, if appropriate.
  • Instruction and follow-up: Our Project PAVE instructors teach children and young adults how to use and care for their new optical devices. We also educate families and teachers about these devices. This training takes place in the school, home and community.
  • Technical support: Our team can assist with any technical questions or concerns about optical devices.


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