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Genomics and Therapeutics Clinic

Our Genomics and Therapeutics Clinic team can help you and your doctor better understand, predict and prevent disease. We can also help you and your doctor choose the best medications for you based on your unique genetic makeup.

Our team of physicians, pharmacists, clinical geneticists and genetic counselors work together to help determine if genetic testing is right for you. We can then work with you and your care team to apply your results to your care plan. We work closely with your doctor to ensure you receive a personalized medication or treatment plan that is right for you.

Meet Your Care Team

Alexander G. Bick

Alexander G. BickMD, PhD

    Cardiovascular Medicine, Genetics, Hospital Medicine, Inherited Cardiovascular Disease-Genetics, Internal Medicine
Michelle Liu

Michelle LiuPharm.D., BCPS

    Genetics, Hospital Medicine
Josh Peterson

Josh PetersonMD, MPH

    Genetics, Internal Medicine, Primary Care
Dan M. Roden

Dan M. RodenMD

    Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, Arrhythmias, Cardiovascular Medicine, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy & Inherited Disease
Sara L. Van Driest

Sara L. Van DriestMD, PhD

    Acute Outpatient Illnesses, General Pediatrics, Medical Home Continuity of Care, Mild to Moderate ADHD Management, Mild to Moderate Asthma Management, Primary Care Prevention

Why Choose Genomics and Therapeutics Clinic at Vanderbilt

  • physician, doctor, stethoscope, Skilled clinicians
    Skilled clinicians

    Our team has received extensive training and is specialized in evaluating pharmacogenomics and genomic medicine.

  • conference, Team approach, people, staff, partners
    Team approach

    Our team of experts in pharmacology, genetic testing, risk assessment and clinical care work together to personalize a plan that is right for you based on your needs. We may recommend genetic testing to help guide your plan. We may suggest changes to medications or other tests that can help keep you healthy. We work closely with other genetics specialty clinics across Vanderbilt.

  • iphone, camera phone, cell, Telehealth, Online health portal
    Online health portal

    We want to make your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. You can use our secure online portal, My Health at Vanderbilt, to send messages to your care team, schedule appointments, manage medications and access your medical records.

  • goal, specialized, individualized, customized, Personalized care
    Personalized care

    We tailor your treatment plan based on your medical history and your genetic makeup to meet your unique needs.

  • lightning bolt, Innovation, advanced

    Our clinicians are dedicated to genomic research to continue to learn how to improve care. We conduct pharmacogenomics and preventive genomics research and use innovative ways to deliver results to patients and doctors at Vanderbilt.

  • camera phone, cell, iphone, Telehealth

    We can offer specialty care through a simple video consultation with your doctor. This means you have access to a Vanderbilt specialist, close to home.

Tests, Treatments and Services

Genetic testing is typically performed on a blood sample when possible but can be performed on other types of samples, such as saliva. Our team will review genetic testing options with you to help you decide which test is right for you. We offer a full range of tests, including:

  • Pharmacogenomic testing
  • Genetic testing for inherited conditions
  • Preventive genomic risk assessment (such as clinical whole genome sequencing) for healthy individuals
  • Interpretation of polygenic risk scores
  • Counseling around direct-to-consumer genetic test results and genetic research results
  • Evaluation of genetic test results shared by family members


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