Reimagining the Delivery of Care

When we designed MyHealth Bundles, we started from scratch. We asked our Care Transformation team to design with no rules, no consideration of how we would be compensated, no limits. We asked them to create a blue-sky scenario for a patient experience that achieved optimum outcomes in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.

We have reimagined the delivery of care from a financial, clinical and service standpoint to create a vastly superior approach.


We are providing care more effectively and efficiently by removing artificial obstacles from legacy payment models and processes.


We are offering the ability to accurately forecast the cost of healthcare and to have control over rising expenses. We assume the risk, so employers don’t have to any longer.


We are dramatically improving patient experience through the redesign of the delivery of care. From providing a patient navigator to help guide the way and answer questions, to a more streamlined clinical experience and reduced out-of-pocket costs, this new approach keeps patient needs top of mind.