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Vanderbilt Maternal Addiction Recovery Program

The Vanderbilt Maternal Addiction Recovery program combines prenatal care with addiction treatment for women facing the double challenge of pregnancy and recovery. Here, you’ll receive the care you need, all in one place. We treat you with dignity and compassion. We help you achieve a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a sustained recovery.

Conditions We Treat

Vanderbilt Maternal Addiction Recovery Program Care Team

Maternal Addition Recovery: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Experienced doctors: Our specialists are specifically trained to care for pregnant women who are undergoing treatment for addiction. They understand the struggles you might be facing and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the care you need. All doctors in our program are authorized to prescribe buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction.
  • A team approach: We offer care from many specialists, including OB-GYNs, psychiatrists and addiction counselors, in one place. We partner with Team HOPE, which cares for new mothers and infants exposed to opioids. If appropriate, we can also refer you to Recover Together, a program that helps pregnant women prepare for parenting while dealing with the stresses of pregnancy and recovery.
  • Personalized care: Recovery looks different for each woman, and so does pregnancy. We work with you to create a care plan that’s right for you.
  • Clinical trials: As the only academic medical center in Middle Tennessee, we offer our patients the chance to participate in studies of new treatments for substance abuse disorders, and new strategies for treating women who are pregnant during recovery. You may have access to new treatments before they’re widely available elsewhere.

Tests, Treatments and Services We Offer

  • Buprenorphine/Medication-assisted treatment
  • Group support
  • Group therapy
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Psychiatric services
  • Routine prenatal and well-woman care
  • Contraceptive counseling and services


Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health One Hundred Oaks
719 Thompson Lane, Suite 27100
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 343-5700
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Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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