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The Vanderbilt Hernia Center is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering world-class hernia care.

The doctors of the Vanderbilt Hernia Center are part of a national effort to improve hernia treatment. Our hernia specialists are part of the American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative, which is a national network dedicated to improving hernia repair and prevention.

Meet our Hernia Center team.

Do You Have a Hernia?

A hernia is an unnatural opening or hole in the body, typically in the abdominal wall. A hernia may feel like a bulge, and it might hurt. The pain may interfere with your daily activities, limiting what you can do.

Some hernias occur at old surgery sites. Others occur at natural areas of weakness. An inguinal hernia occurs when soft tissue such as the intestines bulges through the groin. Ventral hernias, including umbilical hernias, occur when soft tissue bulges through the abdominal wall.

On rare occasions, a hernia can be an emergency. If you dont feel well and you think its because of a hernia, seek medical care right away. Call 911 if necessary.

What Happens If You Have a Hernia?

A hernia does not always require surgery. Because there are many types of hernias and treatment can be complicated, decisions about your care must be personalized. The doctors at Vanderbilt Hernia Center can customize an appropriate treatment for you.

Why Have Your Hernia Treated at Vanderbilt?

Youll be treated by internationally known leaders in hernia treatment.

  • Our doctors work as a team, so youll have many experts collaborating on your care.
  • As part of the American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative, our surgeons gain knowledge from hundreds of other doctors around the country.
  • Our team approach can help ensure your hernia is repaired correctly the first time, preventing a second occurrence.
  • We work with the Vanderbilt Pain Center and Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Medicine to offer therapies to help relieve your pain.