Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program

Contact VCAP: (615) 322-4567

The Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program (VCAP) is designed specifically for adult professionals such as medical professionals and business executives who are experiencing emotional or behavioral concerns. For adult professionals, VCAP can help with many issues affecting work behavior and quality, including:

  • Addictions
  • Disruptive conduct
  • Cognitive impairment/decline
  • Personal and professional boundaries
  • Burnout
  • Other mental health issues

VCAP's multidisciplinary team specializes in evaluating emotional and behavioral problems. We work closely with our clients to explore and understand underlying issues. We also provide consultation with the client's workplace on a need-to-know basis. Together, our team, the client and the workplace create a treatment plan to establish a framework for ongoing support and measurable follow-up.

VCAP evaluations design plans to resolve the client's underlying issues, enhance personal growth and promote professional success.