Locations and Parking

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HIV Vaccine Clinic

Parking - East Garage: 1210 Medical Center Dr. (22nd Ave S)
Building / Facility - Medical Center North: 1161 21st Ave.
Path from parking to building -

The East Garage entrance is located on Medical Center Drive across from the hospital.

Visitors coming to Medical Center North: Once you park in the garage take the elevator to the street level and cross Medical Center Drive via the crosswalk that goes to the hospital. After crossing Medical Center Drive proceed to your right down the sidewalk and look straight ahead for the awning that's labeled Medical Center North.

As you're approaching Medical Center North you will see a sidewalk that goes up to the left. If you walk to the top of this sidewalk and go right you'll see the back entrance of Medical Center North. Inside there is an information desk if you have specific questions about how to find your destination.

Note: The directions below are for visitors entering Medical Center North through the entrance by the awning.

Find HIV Vaccine Clinic , Room A-3102

  1. Once you have parked in the garage,exit the front of the garage and take a right on Medical Center Drive as if you?re going back toward 21st Ave
  2. Straight ahead you will see our red brick building which is on the corner of 21st and Medical Center Drive
  3. There is a door with a brown awning above it on the side of the building that faces the parking garage
  4. It will say Medical Center North on the awning
  5. Come in this door and walk straight ahead
  6. Take your first right down the S hallway
  7. There will be signs that read General Clinical Research Center that you can follow
  8. This will lead to an elevator behind a set of double doors at the end of the hall that you can take to the third floor
  9. Stop at the nurse?s station and let them know you are here to see Kat Davis and they will page me